Yggdrasil Gaming Enters Spanish Market for the First Time

Yggdrasil Gaming Enters Spanish Market for the First Time ( Click to Enlarge )

Yggdrasil Gaming has made their initial entry into the Spanish market in a move that shows just how serious they are about expanding to different regulated markets. This initial move has their games available at the popular Casino Barcelona, a site only available to Spanish players, but it’s a deal that says a lot about the direction they’ll be going in the future.

Spanish Players Get Access to Yggdrasil Gaming Portfolio

In the modern online casino world, being able to have access to games from a particular provider is all about where you’re located and which sites are available to you. Since so many software companies have deals with game aggregators and individual casinos from all over, it’s easier to get access to games from a particular developer if you really want to see what they’re about.

This even goes for players in the restrictive Spanish online casino environment after a new deal that has Yggdrasil Gaming offering their titles to a regulated site in Spain.

The significance of this deal cannot be understated. Making their initial intry into this country is all about getting their foot in the door so that they can expand and have their games available at a number of different regulated sites.

What Players Can Expect

Players will have access to Yggdrasil Gaming’s full suite of titles. That includes everything from their online slots to their other games, but it’s the slots that most players will be looking forward to. They are known as being one of the top providers in the industry right now, and with how aggressive they have been about expanding into different markets and getting on different platforms, it’s not surprising at all that they’re having their Spanish debut.

What’s more is that this is happening at Casino Barcelona, a site with a great reputation that’s available under the Spanish regulatory licensing it holds.

The Split State of Online Casino Regulation

The state of regulation and licensing for the online casino industry is something that gets talked about a lot among industry experts because of how disjointed it is, and this detachment from each other (while still having overlap in terms of where most players can actually play) creates a pretty interesting environment.

Lots of different countries and areas have their own regulatory bodies for sites that operate out of their jurisdiction, but some go further by locking their players into a given set of options.

In short, many countries create a government-backed monopoly on the online gambling industry in general and the online casino industry specifically. The idea put forward is that they want to make sure that their players are taken care of, so they only allow them to get in on the action with casinos that they have regulated and licensed themselves.

There’s also the little thing that these are the only casinos that give them a piece of the action in the forms of taxes and licensing fees, but we’ll pretend that it’s all about player safety.

Spain is one of these countries that really restricts where players can enjoy the games, and that’s why Yggdrasil entering the country is such a big deal. It could be the first time that many of these players could legally enjoy what they have to offer, so it’s really easy to understand why it’s such a big deal for those players.

Further Expansion in the Future

Yggdrasil Gaming has a reputation for pushing hard for increased distribution. We’ve seen that in the past with how they’ve made all kinds of deals to get on different software platforms like Microgaming Quickfire and EveryMatrix, and we’ve seen it here with them pushing to get into Spain and other “locked” jurisdictions.

This type of pushing has been great for business in the strategic sense, but it’s also been great for players in countries like Spain where their options are generally fairly limited compared to many other parts of the world when it comes to game selection.