Yggdrasil Gaming Enters Czech Republic Regulated Environment

Yggdrasil Gaming Enters Czech Republic Regulated Environment ( Click to Enlarge )

Yggdrasil Gaming has seen their initial entry into the regulated online gambling environment found in the Czech Republic. This is thanks to a deal with operator Tipsport, and it’s part of an ongoing strategic policy that involves getting a foot in the door with as many newly regulated jurisdictions as possible, which is a key part of why they have grown so much over the past few years.

Entering the Czech Republic’s Online Gambling Market

The situation with different countries having their own online gambling markets and segregated groups of players has been a point of contention for a lot of people who would want things to be more open, but for the time being, it’s clear that this system is working for most. It also opens things up to a more strategic type of business in the industry as a whole.

This can be seen in a major way with how Yggdrasil Gaming has recently made a strategic entry into the market of the Czech Republic.

The overall online gambling market in the Czech Republic generates around half a billion euros each year, and it’s clear that this is a market that Yggdrasil benefits from being a part of.

Details on This Deal

On the surface level, it’s obvious that Yggdrasil Gaming’s portfolio of titles, particularly their slots, is a key part of this deal. If you assumed this, then you would be correct, and players at Tipsport getting access to these titles will give them plenty more reasons to log on while also making this operator much more attractive to new players.

However, that’s not the only part of this deal that’s interesting.

Tipsport will also be getting access to Yggdrasil’s BOOST system that’s used to give players all kinds of different promotions and other events like tournaments, achievements, rewards for hitting certain benchmarks, in-game missions and more. The BOOST system is all about giving players more to aim for in their play with total integration with the full Yggdrasil Gaming portfolio, and we hope to see Tipsport taking full advantage of that.

The Nature of the European Markets

What we’re seeing in Europe right now, and what we’ve seen for years, is that software developers have to try to get into different countries however they can. This has led to situations where one company buys another just to absorb those licenses to provide that type of entry.

When something is so important that you’re willing to buy other companies to facilitate it, that’s when you know it’s critical to the success of the business.

This is exactly the type of thing that has been going on, but with Yggdrasil in this case, they didn’t have to make any purchase of the sort. They were able to get in with Tipsport through the more usual routes to get licensed to have their games run in the Czech Republic. That’s one way to do it, but keep in mind that it’s not the only way that this type of entry can happen.

More Expansion From Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming has not been playing around when it comes to their expansion into various markets. As we’ve recently reported, they’ve been making their way into a number of segregated and regulated markets in the past few years, and that’s because they understand just how critical it is to have access to those operators and players.

When you’re a software developer for the online casino industry, your lifeblood is producing great games and getting those games in front of as many faces as you can. Yggdrasil obviously has no problem putting together games that get a ton of attention, and with their business strategy towards these opening markets (the Czech Republic only regulated online gambling about two years ago), it’s clear that they have both sides of the equation covered.