Yggdrasil Expands BOOST Gamification Program

Yggdrasil Expands BOOST Gamification Program ( Click to Enlarge )

Yggdrasil’s BOOST product for the gamification of online casino games has seen a big expansion as a part of a recent update of their software. This expansion covers table games as well as slots and gives operators a lot more options for adding different extras for players. This includes everything from leaderboard opportunities to achievement systems, all of which are aimed at providing players with a more engaging experience.

The Gamification Increases With BOOST Updates by Yggdrasil

The BOOST program is a set of tools produced by Yggdrasil for use with their games to give players special promotions based on in-game actions. It’s probably the most extensively done program of its kind in the industry, and after a recent software date, it’s gotten even bigger.

Compatibility with more games and an increased range of available in-game promotions have been added to the latest update of the BOOST system.

This is a pretty big piece of news for players because it means that operators can give them really cool sources of extra value that weren’t available before. The usage of the updated BOOST toolbox also gives players a more engaging experience no matter what type of games they are into.

An Increased Reach in Game Selection

A big piece of news that has come out of this update is that more games have been made compatible with the BOOST system. Previously, this was a set of tools made almost exclusively for slots. That makes sense to a degree because the types of programs it was originally targeting were almost exclusively reserved for slots.

However, things change over time, and they have expanded that reach to cover table games as well. Going along with this is a set of new table games, particularly roulette games, that they are releasing periodically to try to revamp what’s considered normal in the table games market. Those new titles work really well with the BOOST set of promotional tools, and it’s clear that they’re aiming to push in on that particular segment of the market by offering a better experience and more excitement and options and ways to win than their competitors.

The Types of Promotions and Goodies Players Get

With the BOOST program, players can get all kinds of cool extras and promotions as a part of their sessions. That list can include some of the following:

  • Achievements System – An achievements system rewards players for making certain winning combinations or performing other actions in-game.
  • Leaderboard Competitions – You can have a chance to run up against players head-to-head to see who can come out on top.
  • Prize Drops – Having instant wins hit players for enjoying a certain number of turns on a game or simply for being in the right place at the right time and getting lucky is always welcomed.
  • Additional Side Bets – The BOOST promotional package can also be used for giving players certain types of side bets in some titles, or what effectively work as side bets, by awarding players for wagering certain amounts and achieving specific end results.

It’s a really cool set of tools, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of what can be done with BOOST. Instead, these are just a few examples of the different types of things Yggdrasil can do with their games and this system.

Yggdrasil Gaming in 2019

There’s no doubt that Yggdrasil has been seriously bringing it so far this year. They’ve released a number of hot new titles, and they’ve also announced that their gaming platform (including third-party titles) can be used with some of their other promotional tools as well regardless of whether or not they actually produced the game in question.

This constant expansion, combined with physical expansion in terms of getting their games into more jurisdictions and in front of more players, has helped to make 2019 a big year for this company, and we still have a number of months left to go.