Wazdan Joins Microgaming Quickfire Platform With New Deal

Wazdan Joins Microgaming Quickfire Platform With New Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

The Microgaming Quickfire platform is known for having titles from dozens of the top names in the online casino software industry, and they’ve recently added Wazdan to that list. This is a big point of expansion for Wazdan as it gets them straight into several dozen of the top online casino brands in the world and puts them beside of many of the other top names in the industry.

Microgaming Quickfire Gains Wazdan Content Distribution

The Quickfire platform by Microgaming is known for powering several of the top online casino brands running today. They are up there in terms of popularity both with the number of brands and the number of players who use their platform, and joining on as a content provider to that platform is a big deal for any developer.

That’s why the news that Wazdan has joined up with Microgaming’s Quickfire suite as a third-party partner is such a big deal. This deal will allow them to put their titles in with some of the best in the world while giving them an additional level of exposure that they didn’t have before in spite of the fact that they have tons of particularly high-quality games available.

The Scope of the Quickfire Platform

Wazdan is a pretty big deal, and we’ve recently reported about them announcing seven different new slot releases at the ICE London Conference early last month. They bring both quality and quantity, but if there was one thing that the company was missing, it was a particularly high-level range of distribution. They definitely know how to make a name for themselves with great games, but it’s always been a little tricky for players to find where to play their titles.

This is where the scope of the Quickfire platform comes into play. This platform is available on over 800 different casino brands online, and that’s a level of distribution that’s definitely the kind of thing that can shore up Wazdan’s one weakness and bring them all the way up to the upper tiers of the online casino software development hierarchy.

A Win-win Situation

What’s great about this type of deal is that both parties stand to gain quite a bit. Microgaming is always looking to add high-level content to their Quickfire platform, and we’re seeing that in a major way with their distribution deal with Wazdan. The reason that they’ve been able to take over as much of the market as they have is because of this level of quality that they bring and the fact that they have put dozens of the top names in casino game development under one roof, so to speak.

What Players Can Expect

If you’re a fan of a site that runs with the Quickfire platform, then what you can expect to see is titles from Wazdan being added a few at a time until the entire portfolio is together. This is the usual way that they handle these sorts of things, and that includes popular slots like Dracula’s Curse, Magic Fruits Deluxe, Wild Guns, Jumping Fruit and other recent releases from the ICE conference that we mentioned above.

For fans of Wazdan’s portfolio, you can check out some of the best names running Microgaming’s premier software package to see their titles being added over the next several weeks. In the meantime, you can enjoy high-level slots content from a variety of providers with dozens of the biggest names you can think of. Overall, this is a pretty good deal for players, but both Wazdan and Microgaming are going to gain quite a bit from this increased distribution that the Quickfire platform will offer.