The UK Impact Of Brexit On Online Gambling

The UK Impact Of Brexit On Online Gambling ( Click to Enlarge )

Online gambling in the UK is bigger than ever, but as Brexit approaches, what effect will it have on your ability to place a bet? Several of the most frequented online bookmakers in the UK are operated in EU countries whilst Gibraltar relies on online gambling for its income. Putting Gibraltar aside, what are the issues coming to pertinence in the days leading up to our departure?

The truth is we’re no clearer about the impact Brexit may have on the UK gambling landscape, but there are some potential changes to online gambling in the offing.

New Legislation

One such eventuality will likely be increased legislation. In the past year we have seen the UK government make legislative changes to how high street casinos are operating and a similar move could potentially happen for companies operating online in the wake of any EU exit.

One thing the EU has been keen to crack down on is the advertisement of gambling. A commission was formed last year with the goal of reducing advertising in the industry.

Advertising is integral to the operation of gambling companies in the United Kingdom and currently they abide by the guidelines of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is unlikely to change in the near future.

EU Customers

Something that remains unclear on the eve of Brexit is the impact of the decision on European gamblers. In the event of a hard Brexit, customers within the EU may no longer receive the same benefits as UK customers and vice versa.

Sports Betting

Gamblers have been worried that Brexit could impact the markets available to bet on. At the moment, the sports betting market is one of the largest in the industry and there have been fears that companies may be unable to continue offering markets on some European sports.

However, the UK has a large number of gambling companies operating in the EU and indeed internationally, so it’s very unlikely the EU will turn its back on the UK. Well, in gambling terms at least.