SoftSwiss to Distribute Relax Gaming Titles

SoftSwiss to Distribute Relax Gaming Titles ( Click to Enlarge )

Relax Gaming has been in the news a lot recently for making deals with major software platforms for distribution. They’ve added another major notch to their belt with a similar deal with software giant SoftSwiss, which is one of the biggest leading all-in-one software packages out there for online casino operators.

In the Company of Giants

In business, one of the best things that you can do for your long-term growth is align yourself with names that are bigger than you so that their value and status rubs off on you in the process. This increases your perceived worth, opened opportunities and generally allows you to rise to the top faster.

Relax Gaming has definitely put this strategy into play with their most recent deal with SoftSwiss.

SoftSwiss is known for being a juggernaut in the industry on the software provider side, and while Relax is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination, SoftSwiss is definitely the bigger and more popular company by far. As a result, Relax Gaming will be gaining quite a bit from this relationship on its own before we even get to the actual distribution or increased eyeballs on their portfolio of titles.

What Relax Gaming Brings to the Table

With all of that said, Relax Gaming is a bit of a beast as well. They have a tremendous portfolio with quite a few games, and that’s because they’ve been around long enough to know that it’s quality that players care about most.

They’re really known for the following:

  • The visual appeal of their slots centers around avoiding gaudy 3-D graphics and instead sticking with high-end aesthetics that make sense.
  • In terms of gameplay, they have titles at every level of volatility, which means you can find a slot that will match what you’re looking for in terms of the overall experience.
  • A wide variety of features are used in their slots instead of focusing on just a few repetitive types of bonus rounds, which is something a lot of the competition is guilty of.

SoftSwiss is definitely gaining in this deal because they’re able to add particularly high-level games to their already impressive portfolio that many players may have never experienced before. This sort of thing is a great example of how their platform has become so popular because they’re always looking to make content distribution deals that benefit their players in this way.

The Nature of the Industry

What we’ve been seeing for several years now is that the online slots industry as a whole has become all about numerous software companies getting their games out in front of as many players as possible. The main way they achieve this is by making content distribution deals with companies that put together platforms that put games from several developers all in one place.

Relax Gaming has been very aggressive this year about getting their titles in front of new players by making deals with software platform distributors like SoftSwiss. While SoftSwiss is one of their biggest signings, the fact of the matter is that they have been at this for a while, and they’ve had a lot of success because they bring a product that’s comparable to what’s generally considered the best available out there.

SoftSwiss Maintaining Their Position

Another important aspect to this development is that SoftSwiss hasn’t backed down either. They have one of the most popular and most used software platforms in the online casino industry, but they’re still signing high-end developers like Relax Gaming to distribution deals because they want to keep their position.

That’s great to see because so many online casino software companies have fallen to the side after resting on their laurels instead of pressing to keep their advantage.