Red Tiger Progressive Jackpot Slots Added to

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In a move that adds a lot of high-volatility content, has added the full selection of progressive jackpot online slots available from developer Red Tiger Gaming. This gives players more ways to shoot for life-changing jackpots on some of the best titles available in today’s market. Picks Up Red Tiger Progressives is known for having an overwhelming number of online slots available, which is pretty obvious considering the name of the place. They have games from the majority of top providers in the industry, and they have recently added to that number with a new deal with Red Tiger Gaming.

All of the progressive jackpot slots from Red Tiger Gaming will now be available at as a result of this agreement.

The jackpot network provided by Red Tiger is something they have been putting more and more time and effort into over the past couple of years, and they’ve already paid out just under €10 million total since it was started. These games are now available as a part of one of the largest collections of online slots found anywhere in the industry, and it’s obviously a win for both the players, the casino and the developer.

Games Included in This Deal

A variety of great games are included in this deal. Names like Phoenix Fire, Pirate’s Plenty and Dragon’s Fire with their top progressive jackpots will all be available thanks to this agreement.

These are already some of the most popular games that Red Tiger Gaming has out, and now that they will be in front of an even larger audience, they’re about to be more popular than ever before.

If you’re a fan of progressive titles and chances to win life-changing amounts of money on just a single spin, then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what’s being added to the portfolio at

Big Wins With Small Wagers

Something that should not be overlooked about the selection of titles available in this deal are that they all offer players opportunities to win the progressives without having to break the bank with their bet sizes.

To put it another way, there is no qualifying for the progressive jackpots required with certain bet sizes. Instead, players simply get in on the action with the stakes they are comfortable with, which are all within reasonable and standard ranges, and the chances of winning the jackpots are adjusted proportionately.

For example, if you wager €1 per spin, you’ll have twice the chance of hitting the top prize compared to if you wager €0.50 on each spin. However, your total chances of winning during your session will be proportionate to the total amount that you bet, no matter how that total is achieved or how long it takes you.

In short, this is a very fair system that appeals to players at all levels of stakes, and that’s something else that you can find with a lot of the slots offered at

A Winning Formula for Everyone

When a deal goes down that benefits everyone involved, it’s the sort of thing that lifts the industry up as a whole. In this situation, is obviously gaining because they’re getting some high-quality games that will draw in players and add to their already impressive portfolio.

In addition to that, Red Tiger Gaming benefits by getting some of their most popular titles in front of even more players. On top of all of that, the players benefit tremendously by getting wider access to some particularly strong progressive jackpot slots, and that’s something that’s always going to keep the interest of players.

Overall, it’s excellent news for everyone because it shows that the industry is still pushing hard toward progressive jackpot games that give players at all stakes a chance to take down a life-changing sum of money, which is exactly what a significant portion of the industry was built on to begin with.