Record Setting €250K Win On Optibet Online Slots

Record Setting €250K Win On Optibet Online Slots ( Click to Enlarge )

The New Year sees many people hoping to score a lucky break in 2019, but one Latvian has had a superb start to the year – scoring a historical jackpot from Optibet Casino. The Divine Fortune Slot seemingly was appropriately named, yielding this incredible jackpot.

With a fresh win exceeding €250,000, it proves there’s still everything to play for.

An Enormous Win

The Divine Fortune Slot awarded a member €251,536.57 – this incredible win shows someone is going to have an incredible year with the money to live out their dreams. There have been multiple large wins from the Optibet Casino, however this win still manages to dwarf them by comparison.

The Divine Fortune Slot was also responsible for a €93,180 payout, while the Cosmic Fortune Slot issued a lucky player with €71,894.

So, Optibet may be used to furnishing players with generous payouts, but this brand new win still manages to take the record for the highest payout yet. Putting the lucky winner into the Optibet hall of fame, and starting his 2019 off with a bang.

The Winner’s Reaction And Plans

The win itself couldn’t be captured live, but Optibet caught up with the lucky winner shortly afterwards for his reaction. He said:

How did I feel when I saw the winnings? *laughs* I yelled like mad for at least 3 minutes! Loud! I was just starting to play at the time with, what, like €20? And now this! And thank God I was at the office so didn’t wake up the family!

They don’t know yet, I’ll have to tell them where the money came from, but I guess they knew I was playing at Optibet. What are the plans? I would like to get a new house for my family, but, I don’t know yet – let’s see!

Optibet commented that they had been monitoring their €100k plus jackpot for nearly a year, and expressed their delight that the winner was one of their very first users – amazingly, he signed up shortly after Optibet was founded in 2008.