Pragmatic Play Lands First Live Casino Tables Operator

Pragmatic Play Lands First Live Casino Tables Operator ( Click to Enlarge )

Pragmatic Play has landed their first operator for their live dealer software. This is their newest foray into a sector of the industry that they’ve not previously been involved with, and it comes through a deal with the casino Interwetten, a high-level operator in the industry as a whole. This marks an important first step towards taking over market share in one of the areas of the industry that could really stand to see some more operators taking the helm.

Live Casino Games Now Available From Pragmatic Play

The story of the live dealer sector of the online casino industry has mostly been the story of Evolution Gaming taking everything over and buying up a lot of their competitors. Pragmatic Play is looking to change the tone of the conversation by entering the market, and they’ve inked their first deal to offer this set of games to an operator.

This deal with Interwetten will be the first time that players are able to get in on the action with Pragmatic Play’s live dealer tables.

One of the most important parts of the story here is that they’re really looking to make a serious dent in the market, and that means a direct challenge to what has been over a decade of Evolution Gaming’s supremacy in that particular sector.

What to Expect From This Offering

Pragmatic Play’s first live dealer casino studio first opened last month in Romania, and their offering includes roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. They are licensed in Romania for running these games, and that adds just one more credential to their already impressive listing.

The quality of the audio and video feeds is pretty strong, and it adds another attractive element to a games portfolio that has grown and expanded successfully over the past several years. They’re definitely a force to be reckoned with in the industry as a whole, and with their entry into the live dealer side of things, that’s even more the case than ever before.

The Comeback Story of the Decade

What many players may not remember is that Pragmatic Play was previously known as Topgame. As a company, the offering from Topgame wasn’t bad for the time, but their reputation was horrendous after working with so many operators that became known for taking advantage of players and not processing withdrawals like they were supposed to.

This live dealer offering and the subsequent deal with Interwetten, a very well-respected operator, shows just how far Pragmatic Play has come from its previous standing under its previous name.

A change in management and a complete overhaul of their approach has helped Pragmatic Play to build a new reputation that is incredibly strong and solid, and we can see that now with how many people are excited to work with the company. In their previous paradigm, for example, they probably never would have been able to ink this type of deal with a high-end operator at all because no one really wanted to do business with them.

The Battle for Live Dealer Supremacy

The Pragmatic Play live dealer casino offering is just getting off of its feet, but there are some pretty strong inclinations here that they’re going to go after a significant portion of the market. As a result, they’ll definitely be on the radar of Evolution Gaming, the current undisputed king of that particular sector.

We have no way to know if Pragmatic Play will be successful just because of the stranglehold that Evolution Gaming has on the live dealer market, but it definitely won’t be because of the quality of their offering. Their live dealer games are up there in quality with the best of what can be found anywhere online, and they’re definitely serious about being a major contender just off of that alone.