Pragmatic Play Expands in Latin America

Pragmatic Play Expands in Latin America ( Click to Enlarge )

Software developer Pragmatic Play has made a big move that will allow them to get access to more players in Latin America. This deal is an agreement with Codere, one of the most popular operating platforms for that section of the world, which will see Pragmatic Play’s games offered to a whole new host of people.

Expanding Into Latin America

One of the main goals of any online casino software developer is to get their titles in front of as many players as legally possible. The reasons for this are obvious, but the ways that they go about it aren’t always so straightforward and clear.

However, something clear about a recent deal that Pragmatic Play has made with Codere is that more players will see their games than ever before.

Latin America is an area of the world that doesn’t always get focused on much in the online gambling world, but that hasn’t stopped Pragmatic Play from pushing forward and expanding there with a new distribution agreement. This agreement is yet another example of them pushing ahead in 2019 instead of resting on their laurels, which is what a lot of their competition has been doing instead.

Timeline for the Content Release

There’s a timeline in place for content to be released on Codere’s platform from Pragmatic Play. While all of their games will not be available right away, they’re going with a staged release to give players a taste of their games at a time so that they’re not just bombarded with hundreds of new titles all at once.

  • Right away, a handful of games will be added including Wolf Gold and Aztec Treasure.
  • Within the next couple of months, more games are going to be released on their platform like Super Joker and The Great Chicken Escape.

The focus here is going to be on quality over quantity, and they’re picking out the best of what Pragmatic Play has to offer in terms of what they think will speak to their audience the best. More games will continue to be rolled out over time to give players waves of new content to try, and we think that’s a smart approach overall.

The Importance of This Type of Expansion

We see this type of expansion as something that’s both important and necessary for a software company to continue to thrive. Pragmatic Play has been making leaps and bounds since their rebranding several years ago, and one of the reasons for that is that they’ve been really aggressive with new releases and with getting those titles available in new markets.

This push to get into the Latin American market is just another example of what they’ve been doing this entire time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved as well since Pragmatic Play gets their games in front of more players, Codere gets a better selection of high-quality content to offer and the players have more high-end games to pick and choose from. There are no losers in this deal, and that’s the kind of deal that we really like to see.

Why Not More Expansion in Latin America?

Some people might wonder why there’s not as much expansion into Latin America for the online gambling industry as they think maybe there should be. That’s a question with a lot of complicated answers, and it has to be answered on several levels.

First, the regulatory bodies aren’t necessarily there for each country, and because the population of many Latin American countries is pretty small, it’s not always worth it for all companies to push there since the risk to reward ratio is not skewed in a favorable way. Additionally, the infrastructure to conduct business online isn’t as strong as it is in many parts of the world, which is another negative.

With all of that said, Codere is probably the biggest name there when it comes to offering a software platform for operators and running games, and for Pragmatic Play to make a distribution deal with them shows how serious they are about staying in the area over the long run.