Popular Lightning Box Slots Converted to HTML5

Popular Lightning Box Slots Converted to HTML5 ( Click to Enlarge )

Some of the most popular online slots produced by Lightning Box have been converted over to HTML5. This comes as a result of player demand as they ditch the older Flash technology and bring these games up to date with the platform that is used the most in today’s industry.

The Resurrection of Older Slots

When an online slot software company has been around for long enough, it eventually runs into a problem of platforms changing. For example, there are companies that built games to run in Java format on much older mobile devices, and those games cannot be operated on modern tablets and smartphones. To keep the games going, they have to be recreated and updated in the newer platforms.

This is what Lightning Box has ran into with their older titles that run in Adobe Flash. They have been producing titles since back in 2004, and in that time, the Australian games developer has switched things over so that their newest games are built in HTML5. However, that leaves the problem that many of their older games need to be updated, and that’s what they have announced to cap off 2018.

Which Lightning Box Slots Are Affected?

It would be a waste of time and resources to update games that don’t get played that much in the first place, so they’re focusing on their most popular titles from the older era instead of just taking a shotgun approach. That list includes the following:

  • Chilli Gold
  • Serengeti Diamonds
  • Frogs ‘n Flies
  • A number of others

Originally built in Flash and distributed as such, these titles still get a ton of play compared to other games from the time period, and that’s why the decision has been made to pull them into the modern era.

Why the Shift Towards HTML5?

There are two fundamental problems with Flash that has led to it being phased out as a primary platform for online slots. First, it’s fundamentally less technologically advanced than HTML5 to the point that many modern web browsers have even stopped allowing it to run without special permission. That’s obviously an issue considering most games run from inside those browser windows now.

Second is the issue that the games produced in Flash actually require stronger hardware requirements than those built in HTML5. You don’t have to build mobile-specific and desktop-specific options with HTML5 online slots either, because the same version of the game can be played on both types of devices.

That’s why this is great news for players: Popular but older Lightning Box video slots will be able to run side-by-side with the most popular games that they have developed more recently, while taking on the benefits of running better and being able to be played on a wider range of devices.

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