Play’n GO Announces Mahjong 88 and Phoenix Reborn Double Slot Release

Play’n GO Announces Mahjong 88 and Phoenix Reborn Double Slot Release ( Click to Enlarge )

A pair of news games have been released by Play’n GO to really cap off the month of April. Mahjong 88 is a game with eight rows and eight columns of symbol matching action and “reactor” style gameplay elements while Phoenix Reborn has a more typical five-reel layout with an Aztec theme and gameplay that centers around expanding wilds and other features.

A More Aggressive Release Schedule by Play’n GO

Players have seen over the past few years that Play’n GO has had a pretty lax release schedule. Generally speaking, they’d come out with a new game every other month or so and give players something interesting to check out with the high-quality slots that they’re known for, but they were never particularly quick in terms of getting new games out.

With this double slot release, Play’n GO is showing that they are interested in being a bit more aggressive with how they bring out their new games and how they debut titles that they produce.

Now we don’t know for sure if they’re going to continue with this level of aggression in terms of trying to take over a bit more of the market than what they already have, but their actions so far fit the bill, and as the saying goes, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then you should probably consider that it’s a duck heading your way.

What Phoenix Reborn Brings to the Table

The first new release is the Phoenix Reborn video slot. This game has five reels and an Aztec theme with all kinds of symbols from their mythology in the slot itself. You’ll find everything from shamans to armor and weapons all the way down the proverbial totem pole to menial chores and other tasks that citizens would need to do on a regular basis.

The key feature in this game is the wild, and while that may seem a little strange considering it’s such a staple in so many slots, Play’n GO has done an excellent job with making the wild in this game stand out. There are a variety of features involving it, but the intricate way that it expands to cover an entire reel each time it appears looks great and is just the beginning of what it has to offer overall.

Exploding Action of Mahjong 88

In online slots, the name of the game is often a clue as to what it’s about. In this example, however, it also tells you a lot about the format of the game as well as the theme:

The name Mahjong 88 is about the Mahjong traditional tile game as well as the fact that it has eight rows and eight columns for a massive 64-tile game board and playing space.

Whenever you get winning combinations, which are determined by adjacent clusters of four or more matching symbols that are horizontally and/or vertically adjacent to each other, they pay out before exploding. This allows new tiles to fall down into place, and you proceed to get even more opportunities to get paid as a result.

Mobile Compability and Release Dates

The good news is that these games have been released very recently, so they’re both available right now at online casinos that use the Play’n GO online casino software.

With that having been said, there are two main ways that you can get in on the action with each of these titles. You can play through a web-based platform on your computer, or you can play through the web app version on mobile. For computer players, this can be played on Windows or Mac in addition to Linux symbols, and if you’re a mobile fan, then you’ll have a lot of flexibility to play from either tablets or smartphones if you’re using operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.