Philippines Target Illegal Online Gambling

Philippines Target Illegal Online Gambling ( Click to Enlarge )

President of Philippines targets rogue operators in bid to bolster the country’s economy.

Illegal Online Gambling

A visibly agitated President Rodrigo Duterte, the controversial and hot-blooded leader of the Philippines, recently issued a strongly worded speech focused on suppressing illegal online gambling.

It is thought that the President has noted the country’s desire for gambling, and would like to ensure that all illegal elements are wiped out, so that legitimate gambling enterprises can be introduced.

His statement, delivered at the end of October, has called for ‘no more illegal gambling‘, claiming that illegitimate activities of any kind lead people to commit crimes.
Duterte, who has a very clear definition of right and wrong, has dedicated his presidency to wiping out as much crime as possible, and replacing it with businesses that can help the country thrive economically.

Controversial Leader

President Duterte is no stranger to making strong statements.

He has readily admitted to killing three men while he was a mayor, and it is believed that his war on drugs has seen almost 20,000 lose their lives. Some estimates suggest that the true number could be more than double this amount.

However, his views are incredibly black and white, and he believes that shooting criminals is justified if it helps make the country safer and more legitimate.

New Mission

It is his new war on illegal online gambling that has hit the headlines most recently, and most people are widely in favour of his stance.

Illegal online gambling is rife across the country, and Duterte has stated that those who continue to operate without proper licenses will ‘face a very grim future‘.

One of his closest colleagues, Andrea Domingo, has also issued an equally strongly-worded statement, in which she said operators must ‘legalise operations or face dire consequences‘.

The Future Of Gambling In The Philippines

While eradicating crime is at the very top of President Duterte’s agenda, bolstering the country’s economy through viable, long-term projects is a very close second.

He has stated numerous times that he sees genuine value in online gambling, hence his determination to wipe out the black market, and promote those organisations that have gone through the correct routes.

It remains to be seen how successful his campaign will be, but if his previous actions are anything to go by, it’s certain that he won’t give up.