Online Gambling Bill Vetoed By State Governor In Michigan

Online Gambling Bill Vetoed By State Governor In Michigan ( Click to Enlarge )

Only one week after Michigan’s online gambling bill was approved by legislators, the bill appears to be dead in the water. All that was required for the bill to pass was for it to be signed off by the Michigan state governor Rick Snyder. However, the hopes for online gambling in Michigan will have to wait until at least the next legislative session as Snyder decided to veto the online gambling bill.

Lack Of Clarity

The online gambling bill was one of several to be vetoed by Governor Snyder. The reason given for the veto was a lack of clarity in the bill over the revenue and budgeting concerning online gambling in Michigan. In a letter that was given to state legislators, Snyder highlighted concerns over the future of the existing land-based casinos in the state and the effect the bill would have on Michigan’s online state lottery.

Governor Snyder is particularly concerned over the impact on the state’s online lottery. As it currently stands, Pennsylvania is the only US state with both online gambling and an online lottery. However, there is a lack of data on how the two coexist and whether the new online gambling regulations have negatively impacted the revenue from the Pennsylvania online lottery.

Future For Online Gambling

Although the online gambling bill fell at the last hurdle, the first state legislator session of 2019 will start on the 9th of January. By the time that comes around, Governor Snyder will also have left office. Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will be the new governor, but whether her stance over online gambling is similar to her predecessor is not known.

What is known is that it will be at least 2021 before residents of the state of Michigan will be able to gamble online, due to the current regulations of the rejected bill that specify a 15-month moratorium before an online casino operator can launch their business in the state.

However, Rep. Brandt Iden, a key figure in the push for online gambling in the state, is still hopeful the bill will pass in the latest state legislator sessions and be signed off by the incoming state governor.