Novomatic Unveiling Three New Progressive Releases at Once

Novomatic Unveiling Three New Progressive Releases at Once ( Click to Enlarge )

A set of three new games is being unveiled for release by Novomatic all at the same time as they prepare for their showcase at the Peru Gaming Show 2019. This is one of the biggest industry trade events in South America each year, and it’s a pretty good time if you’re an online slot fan because they will be showing a handful of new games for the online and land-based arenas, which is perfect for all kinds of players.

Novomatic’s Gaming Cabinets and the Online Market

Novomatic is one of those companies that works in both the online and land-based sides of the industry, and they’re very serious about making sure that new releases on one platform generally makes their way to the other.

At the upcoming Peru Gaming Show 2019, Novomatic will be releasing three new games as a part of their Pay Day progressive series unveiling.

Because they have such a deep portfolio, it’s not unlike this company to reveal several games at once as a group, especially if they are a part of a series. However, that’s not all they will be showing off at this event.

The Pay Day Progressive Slot Series

If there’s one area where Novomatic is a little thin in terms of their portfolio when compared to other slots software developers, it’s in the progressive jackpot space. They don’t really have a flagship series of progressive slots like many other providers have that’s gotten a ton of attention, and the upcoming Pay Day series could be their answer to that problem.

However, there’s not really much information that’s been given about this series so far except for the name and the fact that there will be six different levels across three games. Moreover, they’re releasing all three games on what’s called their VIP Lounge 2.32 cabinet for land-based players, which is relevant for those who prefer to play in brick and mortar locations.

Other Exciting Releases

Other new releases will also be available through Novomatic thanks to their collaboration with other developers. This includes individual games from 707 Games and Winfinity Games as well as a number of releases from Mount Prospect Studio. These companies come from all over the world, which isn’t surprising considering they operate in over 50 countries worldwide in land-based locations alone. This doesn’t count the tons of people who have access thanks to the Internet.

The Latin American Market

Something interesting about this big progressive jackpot slot triple release is that it’s happening in Latin America, a place that many companies have been treating like a major emerging market for the past few years.

The Peru Gaming Show 2019 is hoping to bring even more attention so that companies like Novomatic will bring even more play to this part of the world.

However, this is really something that’s been building slowly over time, and like most emerging markets, it takes some time for everything to work itself out. What’s more is that these parts of the world have other forms of gambling available like lotteries and bingo that get a ton of play, and people are often simply not willing to try something new right away.

What to Expect From the Pay Day Series

We wouldn’t be surprised if some industry experts suggested that this would be Novomatic’s attempt to get in on the action of the major progressive jackpot chains held by companies like Microgaming and Net Entertainment, but we don’t think it’s going to be in that particular lane. Instead, we’re expecting jackpots that run in the upper five-figure and/or low to mid six-figure range since that’s a sweet spot that attracts a lot more players, which is the type of strategy that we’ve seen Novomatic use before when entering further into other sub-genres.