New Split Screen Feature At Videoslots

New Split Screen Feature At Videoslots ( Click to Enlarge )

In an industry first, Videoslots are giving players the chance to make the most of the gaming sessions with a new split-screen feature, that can be used in a mobile device. Now, you can play two games at the same time, even when you are mobile. It is definitely a first for those who enjoy their games on the go.

Desktop To Mobile

Those who play on their desktop have enjoyed the split-screen feature for some time now. It has meant that they have been able to play two games at the same time, as well as make deposits, check their account balances or look at what rewards are on offer all while playing at the same time.

These joys have been lost to those who play on mobile devices, however.

They had to contend with stopping a game to add funds or check on anything to do with their account. Now they too can do it all at the same time.

It is another step in ensuring that those who play in mobile browsers can look forward to exactly the same experience as those who play in a browser.

Download The App

All users need to do, in order to enjoy the side-screen option on their mobile device, is to download the Videoslots app. Once that is done users can enjoy versions of their games which are optimised for mobile play.

Many casinos already have a mobile app that really helps when it comes to enjoying games on the go. Videoslots, however, are the first to have a version that has the split-screen feature. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and works well across all devices.

Use Responsibly

Split-screens are great for allowing users to double their fun but they should come with a warning about responsible gambling.

Remember that doubling the fun also means doubling the risk and that you will also be making your way through your available funds quicker. Bear this in mind while playing and make sure that you stay within your limits at all times. These are certainly exciting times, however, it seems that mobile gaming across the industry is set to keep growing.