New Lightning Dice Game Debuts From Evolution Gaming

New Lightning Dice Game Debuts From Evolution Gaming ( Click to Enlarge )

In yet another innovation in the live dealer space, Evolution Gaming has unveiled a new release called Lightning Dice. This dice game offers multipliers worth as much as 1,000x and an exciting yet simple style of gameplay that’s designed to be easier to learn than craps but much more satisfying in the long run.

Lightning Dice Makes Its Debut

Evolution Gaming has been the number one name in the live dealer casino game space for over 10 years. There’s no denying that they have completely dominated that sector of the industry for a long time, but they aren’t sitting back and resting on those accomplishments.

The newest release by Evolution Gaming is Lightning Dice, a title that shows they are serious about maintaining their number one position in the live dealer space.

This isn’t the first new game they’ve released, and it just goes to show that they aren’t going to sit around while the competition gets a leg up against them. They’re very competitive in general, and they have the most market share of any other competitor right now, but they know that things could change if they don’t stay on top of what’s happening in the industry.

What Lightning Dice Brings to the Table

When you sit down to play, you’ll know that you’re in for something serious with the black and gold decorations in the background and the layout of the game itself. Players will roll six-sided dice into a contraption called the “Lightning Tower” that tumbles the dice before showing results.

Players have different amounts that they can wager on for the outcome of the roll of the three dice, but unlike the other major three-dice game Sic Bo, the odds are much better for players, and there aren’t complicated variations of the same bets with different payouts.

In short, they have addressed all of the problems of Sic Bo in this release, and it just goes to show that they know how to improve on existing games in a major way.

On top of that, a significant portion of the gameplay is based around a multiplier feature that can multiply your payouts to up to 1,000x their starting amounts for big jackpot prizes.

Competitive New Releases

Players who have kept up with what’s going on in the live dealer space will know that Evolution Gaming came out with a new game late last year called Lightning Roulette, which is obviously a part of the same thematic series. They took roulette to the next level, and it won several awards for being the best overall game release of the year.

The popularity of Lightning Dice and the previous Lightning Roulette shows that there is a serious demand in the industry as a whole for new table games, particularly those played with a live dealer.

With so much emphasis placed on slot titles for so long in the industry as a whole, it’s a really interesting time to be a fan of table games instead.

Competition in the Live Dealer Space

Competition has been increasing in the live dealer space over the past couple of years. Software providers like Pragmatic Play have been coming out with their own live dealer solutions, and that’s the type of thing that we haven’t seen much of in the past. In fact, Evolution Gaming typically buys up other live dealer providers just as they start to gain some traction, and the key exception to that rule has been industry juggernaut NetEnt, which still focuses primarily on slots.

With the increase in competition, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing Evolution Gaming expand their already impressive selection of games in this way. They already have more options and a better qualify of product than everyone else, and that’s why they’ve been on top for so long. However, they’re being aggressive now with these new releases to make sure that they stay on top.