Narcos Online Slot Finally Released by Net Entertainment, Gaumont

Narcos Online Slot Finally Released by Net Entertainment, Gaumont ( Click to Enlarge )

Gaumont, one of the most iconic movie studios of all time, and Net Entertainment have joined forces to finally release their Narcos video slot. This game has been anticipated since it was first announced back in the beginning of last year, so players have definitely been waiting to get in on all of the same action as the Netflix television series that it was based on.

Join the Hot Action With the Narcos Slot

Narcos has been an extremely popular show produced by Netflix, and in early 2018, Net Entertainment announced that it had formed a deal with film studio Gaumont to produce a video slot based on the show.

Because of how long players have been waiting for it, this is one of the most anticipated releases that we have seen over the past few years.

This game brings tons of action to the reels as it’s based on a lot of the same characters and themes as the show. It has a fast-paced style of play, but it also goes outside of the box when it comes to the graphics and visual appeal of the game, which is catching a lot of eyes.

A Different Graphical Style

One of the first things players would expect when it comes to a high-end slot studio like Net Entertainment producing a game based on a popular television show is real footage and pictures from the show itself. Instead, NetEnt went with a different approach with a drawn animation style of aesthetic that looks amazing and that offers the perfect backdrop to the action that unfolds on the reels.

We’ve seen this type of decision from this company before, but it really shines here because it looks and feels perfect for the subject matter, which is something that many development houses miss the mark on when they try this sort of thing.

What to Expect From the Gameplay

A variety of features give players chances to win in different ways. These features include the following:

  • Walking Wilds – You can get walking wilds on the reels that will move across the game board to the left after each spin for several chances to get extra payouts.
  • Locked Up – If you trigger the Locked Up feature, you’ll get a chance to win multipliers, free spins upgrades or instant wins.
  • Drive-by – Triggering a drive-by at random during the regular gameplay will turn several high-end symbols into wilds, which means you’ll extend existing combinations and create new ones.

This is clearly a fun combination of features that drive the action and that are generally based on the types of themes that you’d expect from a Narcos online slot.

Net Entertainment’s Work Continues

What we’ve seen from NetEnt over the past several years has been pretty incredible. They’ve went from being a company just known for producing great-looking titles to taking over a significant portion of the market with everything from new slot releases to live dealer games and new versions of popular table games. They’re pushing forward on all cylinders, and it’s clear that they’re not going to stop until they’ve taken over a significant part of the industry.

One of their strategies has been to diversify into other areas, which we mentioned above, but they haven’t forgotten what “got them to the dance” to begin with, and that’s their ultra-strong online slot portfolio. With deals that have gotten them licensing for several major brands from rock bands to hit movie franchises, we’ve see this kind of thing unfold over and over again.

With the Narcos video slot, they’ve knocked another one out of the park. The graphics are excellent, if atypical, and the feature set drives a ton of action that gives you exciting sessions every single time you play.