Microgaming Inks Content Deal With Gameburger Studios

Microgaming Inks Content Deal With Gameburger Studios ( Click to Enlarge )

Another name in the list of companies Microgaming has signed deals with over the past year has been added, and this time, it comes in the form of Gameburger Studios. They have a great logo and a solid portfolio, and they’ll be working on the reboot of the Break da Bank series that Microgaming made popular years ago with a handful of exciting titles.

Gameburger Studios Joins Up With Microgaming

Gameburger Studios is known for having experience with both land-based and online casinos, and they have more than 20 years of experience in gaming overall. Their portfolio is pretty solid as well, and this makes them an excellent partner for Microgaming.

This new deal will have a variety of titles from Gameburger Studios be added to the Microgaming Quickfire platform, but new titles will be developed exclusively for Quickfire as well.

There are really two sides to the story here that will be important for players. On the one hand, Microgaming will be gaining the distribution rights online for a lot of Gameburger Studios’ content. On the other hand, this developer will also be putting together a variety of new titles that will only be available through the Quickfire platform.

The Break Da Bank Series Re-emerges

One of the series of online slots that Microgaming developed years ago was the Break Da Bank slot series. This included a number of titles that were all centered around chances to win some pretty serious prizes with an emphasis on a lot of action happening.

As a part of this deal, Gameburger Studios will be picking up the series and making a new slot release that will capture the same high-volatility style of play that made the originals such great hits.

While this is exciting news for players who were previously fans of the franchise, there’s more to the importance of this move than that. Microgaming relying on their own brands instead of using brands from popular forms of media is a smart move, and it shows that they are serious about giving players the types of things they want instead of doing what a lot of the competition does as far as offering a lot of flash with no substance.

Players are going to be excited about these new Break Da Bank online slot releases, and they should be because this studio can really put together some extremely high-quality slots.

Business Strategy for Microgaming

Something we have seen from Microgaming over the past year or two is a new level of aggression when it comes to signing new providers to add exclusive content to the Quickfire platform.

They’ve had the selling point for a long time now that Quickfire brought together the best games from several dozen of the top providers in the world. However, the vast majority of them had games available with other software aggregator platforms as well, so there was less of a pull or incentive for players to stick with Microgaming’s software.

What they’ve done to counter this is sign a variety of software companies of different sizes, some of which are brand new, to design and publish games under the Quickfire banner only. This is a smart long-term strategy, but it also gives players a chance to get in on the action with games produced from a ton of different perspectives, which means a focus on quality while still providing a large quantity of games.

What Players Can Expect

Right now, the most pressing issue for players on the Quickfire platform is that Gameburger Studios’ titles are about to be added. Most players online haven’t enjoyed their games on a regular basis, so it’ll be a real treat for players to get in on the action with what they have to offer.

This is an exciting time to be a player at a Microgaming Quickfire-powered online casino, and the addition of games from this studio is definitely worth getting excited about.