Live Dealer Perfect Blackjack Game Announced by Net Entertainment

Live Dealer Perfect Blackjack Game Announced by Net Entertainment ( Click to Enlarge )

A big announcement from Net Entertainment has come recently with news that they will be offering a Perfect Blackjack live dealer game. What’s more is that this title will initially debut only at Grosvenor Casino for a period of time before it’s available at the rest of the brands that NetEnt has a live dealer casino deal with.

A Perfect Style of Play

Blackjack is generally known for being a type of game that offers a very low house advantage if you can learn the skill to get it down. The upcoming Perfect Blackjack game, which will be available only through Net Entertainment’s live dealer platform, will give players a chance to get in on the action with such a payout without having to worry so much about the details of play.

The reason for this is two-fold. First, perfect play in Perfect Blackjack will net players a payout rate of 99.5 percent. That’s one of the highest available in the entire industry. Second, players can enjoy their hands normally or have the house play them automatically according to mathematically perfect strategy to get the highest payout rate possible.

Multiple Players Per Box

A key element to this game that is a bit different from how you usually see live dealer blackjack played is that you can have several players in the same box. A box is a playing position or a “seat” in a blackjack game, and you can end up with multiple people in the same box with this type of automatic play. If you choose not to play automatically, then there are boxes available for that as well where you’ll be able to make all of your own decisions.

There are two areas of significance for why this matters. First, the games can be split up by table for the auto-play players to be segregated, and that can drastically speed up the games, which is important for many. Second, it keeps the manual-play players from having to feel rushed in chat or otherwise by the people who have the cards being handled automatically.

What’s Covered Under the Auto-play Options

A big part of the appeal of the Perfect Blackjack game will be the fact that players don’t have to worry about referencing a strategy chart if they don’t feel like it in order to make sure that they’re playing correctly in the wide range of situations that can come up in a blackjack game. These tables have a style of rules that does lend itself to somewhat simplified strategies for the more difficult decisions like doubling and splitting, but that doesn’t mean players are incapable of making a mistake.

Along these lines, every single decision that you can make in a blackjack hand, other than how much you initially wager, can be determined by this auto-play feature. Note that you’ll need a certain amount in your account balance to make this work considering how doubling and splitting can both increase the size of your wager compared to your initial amount.

Exclusive Debut at Grosvenor Casino

It’ll be a few months before this new casino game is available for public release. However, once it is released, it will only be available at Grosvenor Casino for a set period of time. This is a temporary exclusive release thanks to a deal worked out between this casino and Net Entertainment, and it gives table game fans, and blackjack fans in particular, a big reason to check out everything that Grosvenor Casino has to offer from their huge game selection to their solid offering of promotions, bonuses and other types of great deals.