Lightning Box Adds to Their US-friendly Slot Selection

Lightning Box Adds to Their US-friendly Slot Selection ( Click to Enlarge )

Lighting Box has recently added some more titles to their list of what’s available to players in the United States. In particular, they’ve added two games to their lineup in New Jersey, the most popular state with regulated online casino play. This comes after a big positive response from their initial launch of a handful of games that came previously.

New Jersey Receives More Lightning Box Slots

The state of online gambling in the United States centers around games being regulated on the state level. As such, for a company like Lightning Box, getting their foot in the door is all about giving players more of what they want so that they position themselves positively for when more states open up and regulate the industry.

A pair of strong Lightning Box online slots have been added to their existing selection of what’s available in New Jersey in response to players there liking their previous releases so much.

The basic idea here is that Lightning Box has to expand a little bit at a time into a regulated jurisdiction like this one because of the way their content distribution deals work, and this really enriches the overall selection of what Americans have to pick from in this market.

Game Releases

Previously, they saw a few different additions to the New Jersey offering. This list included the very popular games Astro Cat, Panda Pow and Respin Rhino. All three of these games have animal motifs, and they all fit together really well as a unit.

However, now Serengeti Lions, RedRoo and Stellar Jackpots are all available for players as well as a part of the new releases. This is a pretty big deal since it adds a significant number of titles relative to what was available before, and it continues a precedent centered around releasing multiple new games in this jurisdiction at once.

Player Reactions

One of the main things that dictates how a company like this will do in the US market with new releases is how players react to their titles. You have to remember that players in the United States, even in regulated markets like New Jersey, don’t have the same overwhelming game selection that international players will have.

As a result, software companies have to be more careful about which games they get pushed through because if some of their titles flop, they won’t have the necessary interest from players.

Lightning Box has picked games for US release that they believe will get the most interest from American players, which in turn paves the way for more releases into these particular regulated markets. It’s a very smart strategy, and it just goes to show that they know exactly what they’re doing from a business standpoint.

Gambling Expansion in the United States

What we’re seeing right now with online gambling in the United States is that it’s regulated on a state-by-state basis. A few states have the online casino industry regulated at this point, which is what allows companies like Lightning Box to release their games there.

However, there are other elements to this as well. One aspect of the situation that’s really important is that new states are starting to regulate the industry as well with Pennsylvania being the most recent example. That’s a huge market that’s similar in scope to some of the smaller European countries, for reference, and that’s not really something that should be ignored.

When this type of expansion happens, software companies and operators have to line up and apply for licenses. They’re much more likely to get approved quickly if they have licenses in other states like New Jersey or Delaware. This means that expanding as much as they can with new releases in existing regulated markets on the state level will pay dividends in the future, and that’s exactly what Lightning Box is banking on with these additional releases.