Is Online Gaming About To Arrive In New York?

Is Online Gaming About To Arrive In New York? ( Click to Enlarge )

The state of laws around online gambling in the United States has been in flux for some time. There is a mishmash of state and federal laws that regulate online gambling activity and which, in most states, make playing online games illegal.

However, a number of states, such as New Jersey, have moved forward with plans to legalise online gaming. As of 2019, it looks like NJ’s bigger brother across the Hudson, New York State, is about to follow in its footsteps.

Upcoming Changes To NY Gaming Law

The first sign of movement around online gaming in New York came in 2019 when a Senator introduced a bill that would make it possible to play poker over the internet in the state.

As with many other countries and states, one of the primary motivations for introducing the bill is the tax revenue that could be raised off the back of it.

New York is one of the most populous states in the union and based on numbers from other parts of the US, there could be billions of dollars flowing into state coffers within a short amount of time if the bill is passed in its current form.

What Is The Process For Introducing Online Gaming?

Although the bill was introduced over 8 months ago, progress has been slow so far.

The State Senate of New York is stuck in the same type of partisan logjam that is impacting many other branches of US politics and government.

This has led to delays in bills like this being debated. Once it is picked up, however, there is a chance that passage could be fairly swift.

If everything goes as the bill’s backers hope, there is the possibility that residents of New York State will be able to play online games by the end of 2020.

Where New York leads, other states tend to follow. if the roll-out of online gaming in the state is a success then there is every chance that other states will follow along with their own laws in a short amount of time.