Imagina Gaming Earns Spot on Slotegrator’s Software Platform

Imagina Gaming Earns Spot on Slotegrator’s Software Platform ( Click to Enlarge )

A recent deal will see Imagina Gaming’s portfolio of online slots show up on Slotegrator’s popular APIgrator software platform solution. This means that their games will be available at a variety of operators and in front of a lot of new players, which is exactly the kind of growth slot developers are always looking for.

APIgrator Inclusion for Imagina Gaming

Online slot developers in today’s market face more competition than they have ever had before in terms of the pure number of other companies making games. However, there’s more to the story than that because casinos online are also using games from more development houses at the same time than at any point in the history of the industry, and that creates a prime market for slot developers to get their games in front of tons of players with important business deals.

The recent deal between Slotegrator and Imagina Gaming is one of these deals.

What we’re seeing from Imagina Gaming, a company that many players might not be familiar with, is a deal that’s going to put their slots in front of a lot of new players, and that’s a big step towards moving up to the higher tiers of the software side of the industry.

Slot Domination in the Casino Game

No matter what types of games you prefer as an individual, there’s no denying that online slots completely dominate the current market. There are a number of reasons why this is:

  • A lot more slots are created each year than table games.
  • It’s hard to get new table games to catch on.
  • New formats for existing table games are tough to develop and lose popularity easily.

So what we have right now is a situation where it’s not uncommon for dozens of new titles to come from a given slot developer each year, and that leads to a situation where plenty of operators have over a thousand games for players to pick from.

Where Slotegrator Comes In

With their APIgrator platform, Slotegrator makes it easier on casino operators to have lots of titles from a variety of developers. They pull everything into one package to make it easy to offer a wide range of slots from companies like Imagina Gaming, and several casinos use this software package to make things easier on themselves than keeping up with everything on the software side on their own.

This is a big part of why this deal is so important for this slot developer. It’s the easiest way for them to get more eyes on their product since making deals with operators on a one-on-one basis isn’t nearly as efficient as getting on platforms like this one.

For better or worse, this is the nature of the online slot world at this point in the game, and for a company to make headway, they’ve got to make deals like this with companies who put out casino software packages like the APIgrator platform.

What to Expect From Here

Getting this many new players enjoying their games is going to be a big deal for Imagina Gaming. We expect that players will really enjoy the high-quality content that they put out, and that could definitely help to create some serious momentum for the developer. It’s often the case that a single big deal like this can be what shoots a company into orbit, so to speak, regarding the popularity of what they offer among players.

While it’s obviously good for the companies involved, it’s also good for the players. What this deal means for players is that you’ll have more options available at sites that use Slotegrator’s platform, and since these games are of a pretty strong quality, that’s always going to be the kind of thing that we’re in favor of.