Habanero Systems Unleashes Lucky Lucky Single Line Slot Experience

Habanero Systems Unleashes Lucky Lucky Single Line Slot Experience ( Click to Enlarge )

When you think single-payline slots, you don’t usually think of something entertaining. However, slot developer Habanero Systems is challenging that preconception with their latest release that goes by the name Lucky Lucky. Based on an ancient Japan theme with top-tier graphics, this game looks to make an entertaining experience out of a format that has been largely shunned by players due to it not being exciting enough.

The Lucky Lucky Slot Breaks the Mould

There are certain format and layout styles in the online slot world that are largely ignored by the vast majority of players because they don’t think that those ways of handling a slot can be exciting. Habanero Systems has decided to try to break that view with their latest release.

The Lucky Lucky online slot is a single-payline game with a theme based around an old Japan motif.

This developer knows that you need both strong visuals and great gameplay to have a successful title in the online slots market, and they’ve brought both as much as possible to this game while staying within the most restrictive format possible for this type of game. It’s an interesting approach, and it’s quite a gutsy move, but they have completely pulled it off.

What to Expect From Lucky Lucky

From a visual standpoint, this title has sakuras (cherry blossom trees), banzai trees, a gorgeous waterfall and more in the background while the three large reels stand front and center.

While it makes it really easy to keep focused on what’s going on in the game, it equally brings a visually impressive experience to the game board and the corresponding background. That means it has something to offer both for players who are looking for an exciting experience and for those who would want something more relaxing so that they can just sit back and enjoy.

The Jackpot Race

On the gameplay side, the first thing players will notice is the Jackpot Race ticker at the very top of the middle reel. This race works much like a progressive jackpot except there is a special Race Phase and Payout Phase every so many hours. The time until the next phase is noted on the ticker. Here’s what to expect from each phase:

  • The Race Phase lasts for five minutes, and the jackpot is 100 percent guaranteed to trigger before this phase is over.
  • During the Payout Phase, which starts once the jackpot itself is triggered, players who were closest to placing a bet when the jackpot was triggered are assigned positions. Each player will only be awarded a single position in the race based on their closest place.
  • Four places are paid out. First place earns 50 percent of the pot while second place earns 15 percent. Both third and fourth place earn 5 percent apiece.

This is a much different way of handling a jackpot than most players will be used to, and it adds a layer of excitement that is hard to explain until you’ve experienced it.

Other Features

The golden pot shows up on all three reels, and if you get all three at once, you’re awarded a prize of 50x. These golden pots are wilds, and they will always give a random multiplier of either 2x or 3x. They can also combine together to give total multipliers of up to 6x on a regular winning combination, so it’s clear to see that Habanero was serious about giving players value in this title.

Other wins in this game range from 25x down to 1x for a mixed payout of what would otherwise be the bottom three symbols in the game. This makes it much easier to get a lot of low-end wins, especially considering the wilds can help you to get them along with the multipliers for better payouts.