Grand Theft Auto Casino Update Hits Record User Numbers

Grand Theft Auto Casino Update Hits Record User Numbers ( Click to Enlarge )

Grand Theft Auto Online’s ‘Diamond Casino & Resort’ update went live recently and is already breaking records. Rockstar Games have not revealed exact figures, but they have claimed that the Diamond Casino update “…delivered the biggest single day and week in player numbers since GTA Online first went live in October 2013.” This was revealed exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter.

Free Update

The Diamond Casino was part of a free update which became available to users on the 23rd July. The update allows players to participate in traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, three card poker and slot machines in addition to more story-based co-operative missions.

Other noticeable features include a Casino Store, hidden collectables, new vehicles, Twitch Prime benefits and new racing opportunities.

Standard membership to the ‘Diamond Casino & Resort’ includes 5000 chips to play with and access to various services and activities within the Casino & Resort, such as valet parking.

Players can achieve ‘Diamond Status’ and unlock bonuses by completing all of the casino-related co-operative missions. VIP membership also gives players access to valet parking, a limo service, and the chance to play on higher limit tables. Chips can also be used to buy and design your own luxury penthouse or crash-pad.

Real Money In, But Not Out

In GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, players can buy-in game dollars with real cash, and then convert GTA dollars into virtual chips.

Although real money can be used to buy into the Casino’s games, virtual winnings cannot be converted back into cash, meaning that winnings must be spent within the game.

Virtual chips can be converted back into GTA dollars, which can be used within the game to buy cars, weapons, cosmetics and custom items.

GTA Online’s Diamond Resort update has renewed debate over where the line between online gambling and online gaming should be drawn. Although real currency can be used to buy virtual chips, there are no ‘real’ monetary winnings for players to take home.

Buying virtual chips is considered to be a purchase of in-game content, which means that gambling legislation does not apply and the UK gambling watchdog has no power to investigate the issue.