Google Preparing To Allow Online Casino Advertising

Google Preparing To Allow Online Casino Advertising ( Click to Enlarge )

As the U.S. gambling market develops at an increasing speed, Google appears to be preparing to relax it’s Google Ads advertising policies regarding gambling and online casinos.

According to recent reports, the search engine will lift its complete U.S. ban on online casino advertising.


The new changes are set to come into action by the first quarter of 2020, with Google looking to capitalize on the growth of the online casino industry in the United States.

Although New Jersey and Delaware legalized online gambling way back in 2012, Google maintained a broad nationwide ban on online casino advertising.

The search engine has prohibited online casinos from its advertising platform for years. However, the Supreme Court decision to allow individual states to legalize sports betting in May 2018 resulted in Google changing its policy on sports gambling advertising.

The lifting of the ban on online casino advertising appears to be the next step in the relaxation of Google’s gambling advertising regulations.

A Change In Google’s Online Casino Advertising Policy

Google has been gradually relaxing its stringent anti-gambling policies. Back in 2017, the company allowed gambling apps to be accessed through it’s Google Play marketplace in a limited amount of countries.

Google’s stipulations for online gambling ads require age verification and that ads are accompanied by a responsible gambling message.

Even with the relaxation of advertising policy, it will still be necessary for gambling companies to have the legal right to operate in the U.S. to advertise to U.S. consumers.

Advertisers wanting to promote online gambling content will need to be certified by Google. If it all goes to plan, 2020 will see advertisers permitted to promote online casinos, slot websites, and online sports betting websites through Google Ads.

The relaxation of policy will also extend to promotional gambling content, such as affiliate websites and bonus codes.

Although the message from Google appears to show a willingness to allow online casino advertising, the company will still have to convince regulators that they have the infrastructure in place to make sure that only companies with legal U.S. gambling licenses can use the platform for advertising.