GamStop Self-exclusion Service Now Required in United Kingdom

GamStop Self-exclusion Service Now Required in United Kingdom ( Click to Enlarge )

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has announced that all licensees will have to sign up for the GamStop self-exclusion service. This service allows players to opt out of being accepted at any licensed UK gambling site of any kind for a predetermined period of time.

More Regulations Come From the UKGC

One thing that the UK Gambling Commission is known for is putting up a lot of protections for players. Between their super strict rules on operators to their push for offering services and help for problem gamblers, it’s clear that they’re looking to go above and beyond the call of duty.

To this point, they will now be requiring licensees to sign up for the GamStop service, which will offer another layer of protection for players.

Having all licensees, including all new applicants, subscribe to this service shows just how serious they are about pushing forward levels of protection for compulsive gamblers and other people who might have trouble stopping when they need to. It’s something that will not hinder regular players in any way, shape or form, but it will definitely offer a tool for people who would like help that will come in handy in a major way.

The Issue of Problem Gambling

One of the issues that comes along with any discussion of gambling is that there is a very small percentage of the population who naturally have issues with addictive behaviors. Along these lines, gambling can really become a problem with these types of people through no fault of their own, and protections have to be put in place to help these people when they want it.

GamStop is a very important service that gives these players a viable tool to help them put space between themselves and the games.

Making GamStop mandatory will definitely help to give problem gamblers a serious tool that helps in a serious way instead of a list of half-measures that you can sometimes see put in place by people who don’t necessarily understand the nature of what they’re dealing with.

How GamStop Works

If you aren’t from the United Kingdom or aren’t familiar with how their regulatory structure works, you may not be familiar with GamStop. Here’s how GamStop actually works:

  • Players can request, at no charge, to be self-excluded from all sites that subscribe to the GamStop service.
  • When this happens, they can no longer log in to play any games at any of the sites that are subscribed to GamStop.
  • Players can still cash out their funds as usual, but they cannot take part otherwise.
  • It’s up to the player how long they are excluded from playing.

In essence, it gives problem gamblers a chance to create the space they need to get help by removing the games from being so readily available.

Pressing Regulations

This requirement for sites to subscribe to GamStop is the latest in a series of actions where we have seen the UKGC really push harder than anyone else has before in the online space when it comes to protecting players. They’ve entertained things like lowering the maximum available wager and even not allowing credit cards to be used for deposits.

While they could definitely step past what’s reasonable with some of these regulations, they seem to have a pretty balanced approach that has worked out well so far. On top of that, their push for protecting players along these lines has helped to make them what most industry experts consider to be the top licensing jurisdiction on the planet.

Between these types of protections for players and the level of accountability to which they hold their operators, it’s clear that they are going to stay in that top seat for a long time, and they have essentially become the ideal that all other jurisdictions are going to need to model themselves after going forward.