Subsidiary Enters West Virginia and Pennsylvania Markets

by Subsidiary Enters West Virginia and Pennsylvania Markets ( Click to Enlarge )

Two key American markets are the new home for via their KAX Media America subsidiary. Their applications have been approved, and they are expected to start offering games in both of those states later this year through the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and West Virginia Lottery.

Two More States Added to’s American Lineup is a software provider in the online gambling industry, and they’ve recently entered two important American markets. These markets are for West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the two latest states in the US to regulate the online casino industry.

By entering these two states as quickly as they have, this company is showing that they’re very serious about being a top name when it comes to providing online casino games legally in the United States.

There’s a bit more to this story, however, since their push to enter the country’s regulated markets have come mostly through this year. In fact, they entered the New Jersey market earlier in 2019, so it’s pretty clear that they have decided that the US market as a whole is something that they need to tackle. Why that is could be anyone’s guess, but it’s pretty obvious that this is what has happened.

Casino, Poker and Potentially Sports Betting

There are two areas where can pretty much immediately start their operations: casino and poker. With that having been said, sports betting is a different issue because of court cases that are pending and the current federal laws on the books.

Poker is an interesting one because it has typically not done very well within the regulated US environment so far. A big part of the reason for this is that the player pools just aren’t large enough to support it, which is something a lot of people don’t really understand. There’s a whole ecosystem that has to happen for a healthy online poker operation, and there’s just not really been enough interest on a state-by-state level.

With that having been said, some states have signed cooperation agreements allowing them to share players to create a larger overall player pool, and that’s the kind of cooperation that helps things along. We’ve been seeing growth in this area, but it’s just not to the point yet where it’s as viable as the international options.

The Issue With Sports Betting

There are two primary issues with sports betting in the United States. The first is the Wire Act, which specifically prohibits making sports wagers over telephone lines. This was a law created in the 1960s as a tool to use against organized crime, but it has been taken in modern times to ban sports betting online.

The other issue is that offline sports betting is really only allowed in a handful of areas in the United States, and other states have been fighting a legal battle to get the right to regulate it within their own borders for a while now.

They’ve announced that they will be ready to rock with sports gambling within three months of a Supreme Court decision if the decision goes in favor of the states and operators.

Expanding in the United States

An official statement from the Group as a whole stated that they’re looking to enter new states as they regulate the industry in the US. They’re really focused on getting in ahead of the legalization of sports betting so that they can be first to market (or close enough) to take advantage. However, they also have solid casino and poker options, as we’ve mentioned above.

American players are getting a lot of new options as states like West Virginia and Pennsylvania open their doors, and that’s the kind of thing that gives players the best options out there since it fosters competition and accountability by having the games regulated instead of forcing players to get in on the action with foreign companies that are not licensed in the US.