Follow ‘The Adventures of Ali Baba’ With RRG’s New Online Slot

Follow ‘The Adventures of Ali Baba’ With RRG’s New Online Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

Spanish-based Red Rake Gaming are well known in the world of online slots for developing top-class games. This excellent reputation has been maintained with their latest game ‘The Adventures of Ali Baba’ which is now available to try out. It plunges you right into the heart of the story involving Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves for a thrilling ride.

Red Rake Take You To Another World

This games developer always likes to make things fun and interesting. Their new slot follows this trend with a 6 by 6 reel set-up and 50 active paylines.

With an RTP figure of around 95%, it is also a good choice for those players looking for slots that pay out regularly. Available to play via standard mobile devices or desktop PC, it is an online slot that is full of Middle Eastern wonder.

This is certainly reflected in the game theme which sees symbols such as treasure, belly dancers and caves making an appearance.

There is also the character of Ali Baba himself who pops up at times to keep an eye out for. In terms of sound and graphics, RRG have done a great job here. The crisp FX and smooth animation make it fun to play and immerses you in the story.

Bonus Features

One really great thing about this slot from Red Rake is the many bonus features on offer.

To begin with, the ‘Tornado’ bonus duplicates an entire reel to help set-up bigger wins for players. Then there is the ‘Morgiana Wild’ feature that sees an attractive in-game symbol pop up to help you win more.

Best of all for most players will be the Free Spins feature which is activated by the in-game ‘Sesame’ symbol. There is actually no limit on the amount of Free Spins you get here so you keep going while you are winning.

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Release in June 2019, this new game from Red Rake is available to play online now. Before you do though, check out our list of top casinos with the best bonuses to play at. This will not only give you more money to play with but more chances to win.