Evolution Gaming Wins EGR Game of the Year With Monopoly Live

Evolution Gaming Wins EGR Game of the Year With Monopoly Live ( Click to Enlarge )

Evolution Gaming has received a tremendous number of awards and accolades over the years, and they’ve most recently won the Game of the Year award as a part of the 2019 EGR Operator Awards. This was given to them for their work on their Monopoly Live game, one of the most unique live dealer options ever.

Monopoly Live Takes Down Game of the Year Award

In the online casino industry, we’re used to seeing a lot of the same thing over and over with minor variations. For better or worse, this dynamic is a significant part of how the industry works on the game production side of things.

Evolution Gaming broke this pattern with the Monopoly Live game that they released not that long ago, and they’ve been recognized for their work on this title.

This recognition has come in the form of top honors in the Game of the Year category at the 2019 edition of the EGR Operator Awards. This is one of the most important sets of awards in the industry for casino software companies and online casino operators, so to pick up the award for having the best game is clearly a major accomplishment.

The Importance of These Awards

The significance of the EGR awards cannot be understated. While there are a lot of different awards presentations in the industry as a whole, and while some of them are glorified shams at best on some occasions, the EGR awards are some of the most prestigious of the entire group. Many look to them as being the standard by which all others are measured, and it’s not hard to understand why.

The EGR Operator Awards have a long history in the industry, and virtually all major companies and industry experts agree that they are the most fair and balanced in both their picks and how their voting processes work.

As a result, this win is particularly important, and it goes to show that the industry knows how to promote what’s good within its own ranks in spite of the fact that there are no international standards that have been set along the lines of what we see in non-gambling industries.

In any event, it’s a big deal to take the top spot in the Game of the Year category for some of the most important awards that you can win in your entire arena of operation.

What Makes Monopoly Live So Special

Evolution Gaming has a really serious history of being the top live dealer provider in the game, and it’s been that way for at least a decade. With Monopoly Live, they jumped out of the box with two feet and landed squarely in the middle of something fresh that players have really taken to.

To win against 13 other top game providers, they had to come out with something truly special, and that’s exactly what Monopoly Live brings to the table. The gameplay for this title involves rolling virtual dice and moving around a fully 3-D Monopoly game board while picking up prizes for hitting different combinations of properties or drawing different types of cards.

With a title like this, especially looking as amazing as it does, it’s no surprise that Evolution Gaming has been able to take down the Game of the Year title for these awards ceremonies for two years in a row.

The Progression of the Live Dealer Sector

For the longest time, Evolution Gaming was the number one live dealer provider in part because there wasn’t any competition. They still provided a very strong experience for players with high-quality games, but no one was really up against them in a way that was a serious threat.

That has changed over the past few years with software juggernauts like Net Entertainment entering the live dealer space, and that meant the Evolution Gaming had to step things up. They’ve definitely done that, and with their back to back Game of the Year awards, it’s hard to see them losing that top spot any time soon.