Evolution Gaming Officially Launches Their New Monopoly Live Game

Evolution Gaming Officially Launches Their New Monopoly Live Game ( Click to Enlarge )

The Monopoly Live game by Evolution Gaming is a strong step in a new direction when it comes to what players can expect from their live dealer offering. Based on the gameplay mechanics of their previous Dream Catcher money wheel release, this title offers augmented reality options and 3-D graphics in special bonus games with promises of a ton of action.

Monopoly Live Dealer Game Ready for Players

Evolution Gaming is by far the number one live dealer option in the entire online casino industry, and their selection and quality of games is unparalleled. When you’re a company in such a dominant position, it could be easy to rest on your laurels, but they aren’t falling into that trap:

Instead, they have pushed the envelope past what anyone could have anticipated with their new Monopoly Live title.

This game is licensed by Hasbro, the owner of Monopoly, which is one of the most popular board game companies in the entire world. This reflects a very serious level of care, attention to detail and focus on quality that you don’t always see from a lot of the competition, especially when it comes to titles that don’t fit neatly into the false dichotomy of table games and slots.

How Gameplay Works for Monopoly Live

The main gameplay for this title comes from betting on the results of a spin on a money wheel-type of contraption. There are a variety of numbers on the wheel, and players are initially trying to win payouts by guessing the value that comes up correctly. The wheel itself looks like a pastel version of the one from the popular Wheel of Fortune game show to give players an idea.

However, there are a number of other features integrated into this experience that make it stand out quite a bit from other money wheel-based titles.

Other Features

There are two main features that play outside of the normal money wheel gameplay:

  1. Rolls on the board game bonus feature
  2. The Chance segment, named after the same segments in the traditional board game.

On the Chance segments, players can win random prizes based on things like multipliers, instant wins and other goodies. This reflects the kinds of things players will get when they have to draw a Chance card in the traditional Monopoly board game. It’s the source of a lot of chances to win in the game, and that’s the sort of thing that players can obviously get excited about.

If players get a segment that says “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls,” then things transition over to the 3-D bonus round. This takes place in a large, 3-D city with a virtual board in the center, and it gives players a number of rolls of the dice on this game board. You’ll have chances to win some pretty substantial prizes based on the results of your rolls in this game, and that makes it a lot of fun since it ties directly into the traditional Monopoly board game.

Augmented Reality and More

Something that comes out of Evolution Gaming’s latest release with the Monopoly Live 3-D game is that there’s an augmented reality option for players with VR headsets. This adds a lot of fun and immersion to the experience by giving players more information while they play.

On top of that, there are interactive elements, particularly within the 3-D Monopoly bonus round. Regardless of whether you use this extra optional feature or not, the fact of the matter is that this title stands out for giving players something unique that they probably haven’t felt anything similar to before. It’s a big step forward for the industry as a whole, and it takes innovation like this to push the envelope and change what’s considered “normal” with online casino games.