Delay Concerns Lifted After DoJ Input

Delay Concerns Lifted After DoJ Input ( Click to Enlarge )

No delay expected for online casinos in US state: Despite uncertainty clouding the matter previously, it now looks likely that online casinos will be permitted in the eastern US state of Pennsylvania, after what was perceived as an attempt to delay the development by the Department of Justice.

Internet Casino Delays

Despite online gambling having been legalised in the state as far back as 2017, internet casinos have so far not been introduced. Only an online lottery, which came in during May last year, has been launched and is now available to be played by the public.

There was a fear that there could be a hold up with the introduction of online casinos in the state after a new legal interpretation was issued by the Department of Justice, seen by some as being motivated by political reasons. There was speculation that the memo had been encouraged by the ‘bricks and mortar’ casino giant, Las Vegas Sands, whose business could potentially be hit by the rise of online casinos in the country.

Spring Timeline

It had been expected that online casinos would arrive in Pennsylvania this spring, although the release of the memo gave rise to doubts that the timeline could be achieved. But now companies involved with the new industry in the state have told the Penn Bets platform that the launch is still expected to go ahead as planned.

In a statement, a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board spokesperson said: “We must thoroughly review and discuss the opinion to gauge any ramifications to gaming activities in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, as Pennsylvania’s current gaming is all intrastate and legal within the borders of the state, we will continue to regulate the legal forms of gaming as provided for in the Gaming Act.

Betting on horse racing was the first gambling activity to be legalised in the state of Pennsylvania, going all the way back to 1959. Slots came next, with the regulators giving the go-ahead in 2004. The iLottery was launched in June 2018 and offers unique games, as well as special offers, such as bonus deposits, which can be readily associated with online casinos.