Casino Empires Rising In Africa

Casino Empires Rising In Africa ( Click to Enlarge )

Gambling generally is nothing new in Africa – it is a common practice in most societies around the world. However, online gambling, especially mobile gambling, is currently making a name for itself in the continent.

Mobile Apps

Wireless casino, a practice ahead of its time, is now widely available even in remote areas due to mobile phone technology and money services. Although brick and mortar casinos have been here longer, this trend is taking the market by storm.

One of the biggest challenges online gambling faces in the region is acceptance. However, that too is changing. Despite still being a controversial topic, thanks to new pieces of legislation in various places it is legal to gamble, set up and operate licensed online casinos. There are some notable players in the market where this business is booming.

South Africa

Online casinos are a huge business here. It is considered the leading gambling nation in the continent. The legal scene here is a lot more accommodating following legislation by the 1996 Gambling Act. The growth of this empire began with clandestine illegal gambling during the period when the practice was banned.

Licensing and regulatory oversight continued to make the exercise more acceptable, and today online gambling is an established industry. The industry allows players to compete on global platforms and take part in online casinos and poker.


This East African hub has also made a name for itself in online gambling. According to a recent Geopoll survey, it has the highest number of betting youth in the continent, especially in sports, with 76% of individuals having placed an online bet in the past. The ready market is due to widespread mobile penetration, extensive internet connectivity, and money transfer services like MPesa. Although the regulations are strict and gambling companies highly taxed, the industry continues to grow.


There are no online casinos established within Nigeria, and they are illegal to operate. However, some offshore, overseas-operated casinos allow Nigerians to participate, and quite a number of them do. Despite this legal restriction, the industry continues to advance rapidly.

Defying The Odds

Despite the economic state of most African countries and the legal restrictions, online and mobile gambling is flourishing. With the mentioned countries having reliable internet access, operational and efficient mobile payment infrastructure and the appeal of fast cash, the market is fruitful. Projections continue to prove that this trend will persist, and more can enjoy Vegas on their phones and devices, wherever they are in the world.