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Opinion: The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is Overzealous and Hypocritical

With the recent announcement that the UKGC will not be allowing credit card deposits for online gambling, and the hypocrisy of allowing those same cards to be used for lottery purchases, we have to sit back and ask if they are going a bit too far with trying to appear as if they’re “doing something.” […]

What to Expect From Online Casinos in the 2020s

In the 2010s, players saw major changes in how the online casino industry was handled and what types of games and platforms were used. Moving into the 2020s, we take a look at what’s expected to change and what’s expected to stay the same over the next several years. Online Casino Games and Software in […]

A Complete Guide to Gambling Safely and Responsibly

The topic of gambling responsibly, especially on the Internet, is something that goes very deep for many people. In this guide, we break down everything there is to know about staying safe on the Internet when you’re playing in online casinos and how you can maximize your chances of gambling responsibly. An Introduction to Safe […]

A Guide to the Highest Paying Online Slots

Players choose which slots to play based on different types of criteria, but many want to play the best-paying titles out there. Here we break down a list of the top-paying online slots in the entire industry along with what you should look for to maximize your own payouts no matter which games you’re playing. […]

The Three Best Online Casino Games for New Players

When you’re starting out in the online casino world, it can be really intimidating to try to figure out which games are the best to start with. Here we break down the three best casino games for online players (non-slots only) to help you get started off on the right foot. Getting Started: How to […]

How Casino Game Variations Trick Players Into Bad Bets

The online casino world is full of different types of game variations with changes to the rules, odds and payouts of traditional titles. These different styles of the games can lead to players walking into trap bets and other wagers that give the house a tremendous advantage either on accident or by design. Variety is […]

Why the Smartwatch Casino Sector Never Caught On

Many people have wondered why smartwatch casino games never really became as popular as many individuals predicted they would. A combination of several factors led to the current situation where they are totally dead in the water in spite of major casino software juggernauts like Microgaming trying to build out the sub-genre. The Emergence and […]